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With the increase in theft, burglary, and break-ins in the country, commercial locks are more than just good investments, but a needed security measure.

Commercial locks are now gaining popularity not only in the United States but across the world. There are several types and grade of commercial locks, there are even smart commercial locks that use card readers.

You will need to rekey your commercial lock for several reasons. When the keys are stolen or not returned, when there is a new tenant in the building, or when you need multiple locks to work with the same key. To rekey a lock, you change the mechanical locking mechanism which makes the previous keys to stop working. The lock is reset by changing the internal components of the lock that rejects and accepts keys.

Just like we clarified earlier, it’s a complex process and can only be done by a professional.


Unlike regular locks that can be easily picked or bumped, high security locks are virtually impossible to disarm more often then not just the appearance of the lock on your door can make any criminal to think twice if he really want to get into this headache of trying to break in, usually they choose to walk away

Many of high security locks already comes with a technology that allows them to be connected to CCTV and even your smart phone, this way you are able to watch at any given time on your business and upgrade your security if an attempt to pry your locks had been made.

Although high security locks are more expensive then your traditional residential locks it’s a worthy investment in the long run, these locks are made of extremely hard materials, pick bump or even drill its Impossible or at the very least extremely difficult, such locks are lowering the risk of your business to be burglarized in hundreds percent’s

Good thing to remember, the more expensive your product is the more stubborn determine and clever the thieves get, that is why is crucial for you to install a very good high security locks in every point of entry

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