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Dallas Pro Locksmith is here for all of your needs when it comes to Commercial Locksmith in Dallas TX.  While we specialize in all types of locks, commercial locks are more sophisticated and advanced and take a trained professional to work with them correctly. 
We are highly trained in Mortise, rim cylinder, cam locks, keypads, panic bars, lever handles, keyless entry and magnetic locks.  We take pride in our field expertise and commitment to keeping up to date with the latest technology, products and methods. 
Ensuring the safety of your employees and company assets is a prime concern for any business, and we make it a prime concern for ours.
Threats to your business come from many directions, investing in your business is absolutely necessary. From cyber security right down to the front door.  As a business owner you need to make sure you have the best level of protection to deter potential threats. 
Our trained technicians at Dallas Pro Locksmith go through a rigorous training program and continue to update our knowledge.  Another key part of training our technicians is to work with the best brands in the industry including Schlage, Yale, Medico, Baldwin, Corbin Russwin, Multi Lock, Assa Abloy and Evva .  Our locksmiths are versed in a wide range of brands and give you the best recommendation for your business.
When you call our friendly customer service team a professional locksmith technician will be dispatched directly to your location at the time that works for you.  They are there to help you connect with the technician and assist with any other questions you may have throughout the process.
Our technicians know the importance of constant communication, we will ensure they call you ahead of time, give you an estimated time of arrival and ask the necessary questions ahead of time so they are fully prepared to complete the job at hand.  If we are running late or encounter an issue we will ensure to communicate that to you  immediately.  Upon arrival, our technician will assess the situation, give you all of the possible outcomes and what they entail.  We have full transparency in pricing, and allow you to see an itemized invoice prior to beginning any work that will be reviewed and approved by you.  During the

process we will remain as quiet, clean and out of your way as possible.  If you may have any questions during the process please feel free to ask and we will answer every question until you are all completely satisfied.  At the end of service we double check each lock, mechanism, door and key to ensure they are all working and to your satisfaction.  If you may encounter a problem when the technician leaves, call us at any time, we are here to support you.  

Every job completed Dallas pro locksmith professional technician and the parts we provide is 100% under the company warranty for a full year.

As our customers, your safety is our business and your satisfaction is what we strive for, at every job every single time.  We appreciate your reviews, recommendations and visiting our google and social media pages.  We try to give back to our clientele and appreciate all that you do for us. 

In addition to providing expert service in the DFW Metroplex we serve as a consultant to other locksmith companies as well as businesses who are not located locally.  Since our clientele base is so vast, our recommendations reach other parts of Texas, who turn to us for consultations and service. 

For example in addition to our DFW customers we were able to give service in San Antonio.   In San Antonio alone we have consulted over 600 different business owners on how to maximize their security systems.

Every locksmith at Dallas Pro Locksmith has been fully trained in  what we refer to as “high risk areas” in business and to give a full assessment to handle these higher risk weak spots.   For example, at times a  heavy-duty grade 3 lock may seem the best form of defense, at other times the business requires either a more advanced system or sometimes just the opposite, a quality, professionally installed deadbolt can do the trick.  Every business is different and there are a range of possibilities, you need the best to help you determine the best, and that is Dallas Pro Locksmith!

So why in this day and age with youtube and internet tutorials should you call a professional locksmith to install your commercial lock? 

First and foremost, a professional locksmith will always be up to date on the latest locks available in today’s market, access to the best tools, come with field experience, highly trained, certified, insured and bonded.   You need the right



tools and the right knowledge to make the best decision for your business or you may end up paying for it in the long run.
Additionally installing these high security locks takes expertise in order to function to its full capacity.  When the lock is functioning as it should it is protecting your business as it should. 
Through years of experience we have been able to arm our technicians with knowledge and experience, but our customers have added great value to our knowledge.  Through customer interactions throughout the years we have fielded some great questions that have allowed us to better connect with future customers, as it gives us an interesting insight into your worries and questions.
One question that we hear time and time again is regarding the rekey process, will the results be secure enough? Many customers worry that the rekey of a commercial lock will do damage to the lock or its function.  We want to give you the best service with the best price, our trained hands will assess the lock you currently have, sometimes it just needs some expert care. 
When our technician opens the locks to change pins it gives him the opportunity to clean the lock, to check that the lock mechanism is working properly; brush off any dust or dirt that have accumulated and at times stick to the inside of the lock which in turns make the keys harder to turn.  This process allows for better functionality of the lock as well as the keys.
For many business owners there are multiple people who are using keys at any given time.  A rekey allows for better working locks.  Additionally every time you need to adjust who has access to your business (terminations, promotions, etc) a rekey is a more economical option instead of replacing all of the locks. 
The Dallas Pro Locksmith team can assist you with all types of rekeys for any type of pin based locks.  You may even be surprised on how well your old lock can work after our technicians do a professional rekey service. 
Another interesting question we hear frequently is “Can a heavy-duty commercial deadbolt be picked?”
While it may be possible, you significantly reduce that possibility by getting the right lock installed.  When we use high quality grade 3 commercial deadbolt locks it makes it virtually impossible. 
Most commercial doors made from aluminum or iron steal protected by a very common lock called Mortise, which has a wide variety of options, from one inch pins to 2.5 inch, as well as a varying quantity of internal pins that makes it extremely difficult to pick, there are also keyways that are restricted so duplicate keys are not possible.
For many businesses a deadbolt may not be enough, our technician can give a security consultation to see what sort of additions may be needed. 
One popular example of an upgraded security add- on is the ring protector.  Once installed on your lock it prevents the option to reach and unscrew the screw that holds the lock inside the door, it might look like a simple ring, but it adds a superior layer of protection. 
Another good example of additional security measures is the installation of a metal cover plate.   Many people and especially poorly trained locksmiths, tend to ignore the gap between the door and the frame.  This becomes an issue when the gap is wide enough that sticking a small but effective crowbar may allow for a perpetrator the ability to shake the door several times to open a much wider gap and in turn are able to  bypass the lock and unlock the door.  When we install a metal cover plate that sits between the door and the frame, it covers the latch and strengthens both the door and  the frame, creating a situation that no crowbar can reach in not even by force.
As a business owner you must be able to rely on your trusted locksmith to identify this weak point and bring the perfect most secure solution for it.
For those businesses with access points with many people coming and going may want to utilize key fob or key card access.  For other parts of their business a keypad may be best.  
Panic bars are also frequently used in large commercial buildings and are commonly required under city ordinances as it is a crucial safety measure. 
There are many benefits to using a panic bar.  A panic bar is more user friendly then door knobs or levers, it makes unlatching a door quite simple to use by elderly, children or people with handicaps impairments.
Panic bars are also more cost effective. Automatic doors can be expensive and require regular everyday maintenance to continue to operate well.  A panic bar
door offers an easy and fast exit, it requires minimal to no maintenance and is less expensive than an automatic door. 
An added bonus is that many commercial insurance companies offer a large discount on their policy upon installing a panic bar.   If you are not legally required to install one but choose to upgrade the security and safety in your business by installing a panic bar, many owners are awarded a discount. 
Installing panic bars in your business adds great value to your business.  It is an inexpensive, reliable,  user friendly addition.  Your consumers will enjoy the ease to use them and your insurance company may reward you for such an upgrade. 
Whether you operate a small store, a large office building, or a public space, the security of your employees, company assets and your clientele is and will always be your highest priority.
We encourage you to do your research so that you may find the best locksmith for you and your business’s needs.  Even with a limited budget you can find an amazing system to protect your business.  At Dallas Pro Locksmith we have installed security systems from Dallas to San Antonio and the surrounding areas for years and would proudly serve any and all of those in need.   Don’t wait, give us a call, schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians and get the security you need!

Consultations, scheduled appointments, emergencies …Dallas pro locksmith has you covered! Dallas pro locksmith  was created to bring fast, reliable and top of the line locksmith services to the DFW Metroplex. Locally owned and operated, licensed, bonded and insured we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. From car lockouts, commercial installations, house rekeys or replacing your car’s key fob we have offer a large selection of onsite expert services all with your satisfaction guaranteed.








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